CAD Centric's Vision:
"A Paperless, Connected Enterprise"

Companies in today's competitive manufacturing environment continually strive for an edge over the competition. One way for companies to achieve this is to more efficiently and effectively deliver engineering design data to the broad set of users requiring access to this information. While over the years methods used in accomplishing this have changed they have deviated little from the paper based orthographic drawing as the end deliverable.

Though the deliverable has remained basically the same, the process of getting to the orthographic drawing has transitioned significantly: from distributing manually generated paper drawings - to manually generated CAD drawings distributed via paper - to manually generated CAD drawings electronically distributed without paper. In this process transition, companies have realized benefits in developing designs quicker and disseminating the information faster.

CAD Centric enables the process of design distribution by automating the aggregation of engineering design data into a consolidated, web searchable data store.

CAD Centric enables the process of drawing dissemination by automating the aggregation of engineering design data into a consolidated, web searchable data store. Once this store is created, anyone with the proper access can quickly query it via a web browser, access real-time reports about the data, and retrieve the appropriate engineering data regardless where it is located in the company - regardless of the originating format.

The state-of-the-art in CAD systems has progressed to the point where it is now possible to completely eliminate the paper from this process and even the need to develop electronic orthographic drawings for documentation. Today, it is possible to generate 3 dimensional annotations on engineering CAD models and use this information as the basis for documenting the design throughout the entire manufacturing process.


Implementation of CAD Centric's solutions and product applications offer several quantifiable and significant benefits:

•  Reduced Planning, Development, and Design - development resources can concentrate on strategic, business and customer requirements, and focus on performing engineering tasks rather than on searching and retrieving documentation. This eliminates "engineering down time" allowing engineers to contribute more time to the direct benefit of the design rather than to performing limited value tasks.

•  Faster Time-to-Market - significantly reduced time-to-market through quicker, more reliable access to up-to-date engineering information. This enables companies to reap the financial benefits of their products by getting them to market more rapidly.

•  Reduced Risks - CAD Centric Systems view the engineering CAD information natively and controls the access of documents, thereby reducing the risk of translation errors and access to out of date documentation.

In addition to the tangible benefits, an investment in CAD Centric will deliver the following important intangible benefits:

•  Fewer engineering queries by distributing data that can be interrogated by non-technical professionals not requiring CAD expertise requiring less engineering time and resources to locate documents or information;

•  Increased Data Integrity by visualizing native CAD data thereby insuring that the most up-to-date information is distributed;

•  Increased feedback into the design process by allowing non-engineering personnel such as marketing, purchasing, and others to provide feedback based on early visualization and review of electronic CAD data;

•  Development of electronic Standards to insure that designs meet customer requirements and specifications early on in the design process.

Working With CAD Centric

A leading company in CAD data distribution, CAD Centric develops software applications, which permit individuals across the enterprise to have direct access to information generated in Computer Aided Design (CAD). This includes the 3D PMI information created in the engineering CAD model. With over 25,000 copies of software installed in over 400 companies, CAD Centric Systems has broad expertise that can be used to assist you in your efforts.

CAD Centric has assisted many companies in achieving the vision of paperless product documentation. These include companies such as International Truck and Engine, Maytag, Dana, and many others. We are certain we can help you achieve many of the same benefits we have helped others also achieve and look forward to working with you.


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