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Product Downloads

CAD Centric offers trial and evaluation versions of many of its popular software applications. Use the below links to obtain download access to our applications. You will be required to provide information about yourself, company, and use of the downloaded software. Respecting your privacy, we do not share this information with third parties.

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CWEB WEB Access Software
CWEB brings all of your engineering data together in a unified, browser environment. Here, you can view, print, distribute, or drill-down for more detailed information about all of your engineering data.

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Through the OneView Architecture, users can easily distribute engineering data throughout the enterprise. The issue of application interoperability is reduced to a simple "File Open" operation from within the OneView application.

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Drafting Apprentice
Drafting Apprentice represents a subset of core technology shared with OneView and designed especially for viewing 2D drawing data. It is a lightweight 2D viewer allowing native access to drawing information across  the enterprise.

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OneView Lite
OneView Lite provides interactive viewing and manipulation of 3D models and assemblies. Based on OneView Professional, Lite offers users easy access to model and assembly data in a stand-a-lone viewer.

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Publisher Suite
PDF Publisher converts data from a variety of CAD systems automatically into fully functional PDF files. In addition, the PDF Publisher supports generic CAD formats allowing archival data and data from virtually any CAD system to be easily published in a PDF file format.