Software Licensing Options

Pricing for CAD Centric software products is flexible and matches various requirements driven by customer specific utilization needs and installation preferences. To accommodate various configuration requirements, CAD Centric licenses software products in one of four methods depending upon the software and customer use:

•  Stand-alone licensing:   traditional, per seat licensing of software;

•  Site licensing:   licensing of software on a site or campus where deploying software in a networked environment to a number of concurrent users is desired;

•  Corporate-wide licensing:   licensing of software in a corporate-wide basis where deploying software in various networked environments to a number of concurrent users is desired, and

•  Server based licensing:   licensing used for server installed software which is accessed via a network or web-based connection.

Stand-alone Licensing

Stand-alone licensing is just that - software licensed per seat as it is installed. This licensing model is typically used for smaller installations or installations requiring remote users to have access to the software. CAD Centric licenses its single user applications - OneView and Drafting Apprentice - in this manner.

Site Licensing

This licensing model is typically used for larger installations that require distribution to many users. This license is based on a utilization model. The licensing model uses two factors to determine availability of software. The first factor is the total available accesses and represents the total copies of software that can be installed at a site on individual computers. The second factor is the concurrent utilization number. This number is a subset of the total accesses and is the number of concurrent copies of software that can be active at any one point in time. So, we'll talk about a "10/50 site license" which means 10 active licenses from a total installed pool of 50.

Corporate-wide Licensing

CAD Centric's corporate-wide licensing is based on an unlimited use of the software. This license is typically extended to any and all wholly owned subsidiaries of the corporation, including companies that may be acquired by the corporation and merged into the corporation while under maintenance. Joint ventures and partnerships would not be considered as part of the corporate-wide licensing.

Server Based Licensing

Some of CAD Centric's applications are server based, running on a central, networked computer providing application support to a number of users. For example, CWEB is a web-based application that resides on a central server, allowing search and retrieval access of CAD data. As such, CAD Centric licenses these applications on a "per server" basis.

Upgrade Policy

CAD Centric's upgrade policy is one of preserving customer investment in purchased products, thereby encouraging the expanded the use of technology throughout the organization.

For a period of one year after the initial purchase, or subsequent upgrade, CAD Centric will provide credit toward incremental site upgrades involving like technology of software, provided the customer is current on maintenance.

For example if a customer purchases 10 standalone copies of OneView at a total price of $5,250 and then within the year decides to upgrade to a 10/50 site license, the $5,250 would be credited toward the $15,450 price of the site license. Beyond the year term limit, at CAD Centric's discretion, a portion of the original purchase price will be credited toward upgrade products.