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CWEB is a powerful, WEB based search and retrieval software application for accessing CAD data files and other engineering data from the web.

When used in conjunction with OneView, CWEB offers a complete search, retrieval, viewing, printing and markup environment for engineering data. 

When used with other viewing software, CWEB offers nearly limitless web access to corporate engineering or other data.



CWEB's main features

  • Managed user logins:  allow/restrict access to various drawing information by product line, pre-release or manufacturing state, and many other parameters.
  • Distributed user management: users configure and manage 
  • Comprehensive administrative utilities: administrative utilities provide easy user, site, and defaults modification and maintenance.
  • Flexible report writer: on-the-fly configurable report writer supports multiple report formats, easily configured.
  • Support for remote, multi-site data: merge and access data from distributed CAD systems with the same or different data formats i.e., SDRC, ProEngineer, CATIA, Unigraphics.
  • Easy to use: web familiar search, retrieval, and access
  • Adaptable to any data store: supports data from many sources through configurable agents.
  • At-a-glance record view: view detail information for each record for drill-down capability.
  • Integration triggers to ERP, ECO, PDM, and other systems: cross reference information form ERP, ECO, PDM and other information against that stored in the CAD data store.
  • Legacy data indexing support: available agents to index a variety of legacy data including directory heirarchy, tiff, hpgl, and others
  • Intranet / Extranet configurations: CWEB is configurable to support access either internal or external to a company.
  • Drawing data pooling: combine data from dissimilar CAD systems for unified search and retrieval.
  • Extensible meta data repository: meta data repository configurable to accept custom data fields.
  • Support for multiple viewers: easily configure CWEB to use multiple viewers depending upon data type.
  • Rapid search and retrieval:
  • Document classification and indexing: by project, product line, release state, version, revision, etc.
  • Complex query search:



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