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OneView Professional

OneView is the ideal tool for anyone that needs to visualize, share, measure and markup 3D CAD/CAM models or 2D CAD drawings without being required to have a full featured CAD system or a costly server. It reads native CAD formats directly.  OneView supports legacy data through HPGL and TIFF formats providing access to both current CAD information as well as archived data.



OneView's main features

  • View many different formats: SDRC (.asc, .dwg, .mdf, .idi), Solid Edge (.prt, .asm), STL, TIFF, HPGL.
  • Multi-document interface: view drawings, models, and assemblies in a unified environment.
  • Real time rotation, panning and zooming: View up to 4 different orientations simultaneously.
  • Large assembly navigation: Selectively choose different parts or sub-assemblies to analyze.
  • Isolation booth: Select a component from an assembly and view in its own window for further analysis.
  • Real time cross sectioning: Define your own cross section plane. Interactively move plane.
  • Multimedia model markup.
  • Multiple configuration support for assemblies.
  • Model view support: support for CAD generated model views.
  • 3D PMI support:  support for 3D part manufacturing information (PMI).
  • Excellent performance on low cost workstations taking advantage of hardware acceleration.
  • Insert 3D models into technical reports and presentations using image export.
  • User activity tracking: Keeps track of notes and dimensions assigned by different people.
  • Very easy to use. No Training required. Provides both Easy and Advance interface modes.
  • Runs on laptops: Great for taking your designs on the road.Share models with Sales & Marketing.
  • Drawing comparison: compare two drawings interactively seeing their differences.
  • Integration triggers: built-in programmatic interrupts allowing easy integration to PDM and other systems or development of custom tools.



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