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CAD Centric Systems - Product Overview

CAD Centric offers a number of software applications that help facilitate large scale data access across a wide array of applications. Data distribution from either drawings or model files are areas for which we have specific solutions. For a comparison of our product offerings see the on-line product matrix.

Through the OneView Architecture, users can easily distribute engineering data throughout the enterprise. The issue of application interoperability is reduced to a simple "File Open" operation from within the OneView application.

OneView supports data from an expanding number of standard CAD applications such as SDRC I-DEAS and Solid Edge. It includes generic readers so access to legacy data including scanned hand drawings and out-of-date CAD systems can be captured and maintained as an integral part of your product definition.

Drafting Apprentice
Drafting Apprentice
represents a subset of core technology shared with OneView and designed especially for viewing 2D drawing data. It is a lightweight 2D viewer allowing native access to drawing information across  the enterprise.

Mark it up, annotate it, print it, share it. Fundamental to any ECO and engineering collaboration process is a comprehensive view and mark up capability. Both OneView and Drafting Apprentice provide this capability as a standard, integrated feature of the application.

Put a full document publishing staff at your fingertips with PrintRoom. If you've struggled with distribution of paper documents to the shop floor, with suppliers, or across the enterprise, then the CAD Centric PrintRoom is the solution you need.

Whether you release job packets, routers, sales orders, or other high volume, high content distribution packages, PrintRoom can help you automate this labor intense process.  It is a high volume print engine designed to automate the electronic to paper process.

CAD Web (cWEB)
cWEB brings it all together in an open, integrated WEB interface to all of your data.  Whether historical, production, supplier, or in-process, CWEB brings all of your engineering data together in a unified, browser environment. Here, you can view, print, distribute, or drill-down for more detailed information about all of your engineering data. Click here for a .pdf document describing cWeb.

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