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Publishing Suite

CAD Centric's Publishing Suite converts native I-DEAS drafting files in asc, dwg, mdf, and idi formats automatically into fully functional PDF files. In addition, the PDF Publisher supports generic CAD formats allowing archival data and data from virtually any CAD system to be easily published in a PDF file format. These PDFs retain precision vector resolution providing high quality, easily distributable engineering documents. The result - published data that can be readily deployed via the WEB and viewed by the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.



PDF Publisher's main features

  • Flexible Access 

Access data via a CD, LAN, WAN, internet, or intranet;

Engineering drawings can be easily accessed from desktop computers, laptops, and hand-held computers;

When combined with CAD Centric's CWEB web access product, drawing repositories can be quickly searched, information found, and viewed automatically;

On-demand printing to any device supported by Adobe Acrobat.

  • Economical

Reduce your paper and repro costs immediately. With PDF Publisher, design data is always available unlike paper, microfiche, and other traditional storage mediums;

When used in conjunction with Adobe Acrobat Reader, distribution costs are virtually eliminated.

  • Ease of Use

Users do not need to be computer experts to use the Adobe Acrobat viewer;

View manipulations such as pan zoom etc. are standard with the Acrobat reader and familiar to most users.

  • ECO Integration

When integrated with CAD Centric's OneView application, viewing, redlining, and saving of PDF files directly by the designer or reviewer makes the Engineering Change Order (ECO) process fully electronic.



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